Mayonnaise citronnée

Dressings: Lemony Mayonnaise Here’s what’s great when you combine mayonnaise with citrus. Citrus cuts the fat; fat carries the flavor. This combination works for fish, salad dressings, as well slathering on bread before grilling, or even dipping your chicken pieces. Easy. Ingredients: 1 ea lemon, juice and zest ½ cup mayonnaise, homemade or store bought.Continue reading “Mayonnaise citronnée”

Le secret de la mayonnaise

DRESSINGS: The secret to mayonnaise Most of the time, cooking is 90% technique and 10% creativity. Right now, you’re asking why can’t that be the opposite. Honestly, all crafts require the person to become proficient before exploration, discovery and creativity occur. Sculptures must learn about the tools, the marble, and develop muscle memory before evenContinue reading “Le secret de la mayonnaise”