Big Moose

Early morning of 01.31.2020, there they stood. A rarity around here. Moose sightings in winter are few. They are typically loners and wander deeper into the woods. It’s the Autumn when lichen are easily nibbled off of the bark that we have more frequent sightings. I captured what I could before my dogs’ over-protective instincts disrupted the peace and startled them. Beauties.

Published by Janet

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21 thoughts on “Big Moose

    1. Leo, my dog and I met a moose and her calf one day as we hiked around Monarch Lake, a natural glacier lake close to me. Moose are known to charge, and especially when a calf in involved.

      I was in deep pain, and concerned because the return journey would have been another 4 miles vs the 1 left. We stared each other down as I spoke gently to the animal to turn aside from the trail and allow us to pass. I meant neither her or her calf harm.

      What ever angel was looking out for Leo or me, the moose turned away from the trail, and led her calf deeper into the woods.

      Lucky, lucky day.

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      1. Ew! Close shave… my last night in Fort Smith(Canada) back in the distant past.. my friends decided to drive out to “their” lake. on the way we came across a bison and calf. Mother did not actually take kindly to us and bumped the Land Rover… made a bit of a dent. they then retreated.

        Two days later I was passing time at the West Edmonton Mall cinema.. awaiting a flight out to Calgary.. went and saw Dances With Wolves. Jumped out of my skin during the buffalo hunt sequence.

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      1. I feel ya… Trying to work on losing first what I put back on after the end of golf season and then continue getting rid of the excess… I’ll never be bikini ready for March 1

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