eating lunch

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.

— Orson Welles

Eating lunch. For some, it is a sandwich eaten at a desk-what is known as a working lunch–or something grabbed quickly from a cart outside the office. There are those who walk and knosh, while others skip this meal entirely and substitute exercise.

None of these are bad. No judgement here. I have done all of the above and then some. I am simply pursuing an alternative that gives me an enjoyable hour out of my overly stressful days.

Below are my efforts in carving out one hour to eat something I hope is delicious, nourishing, and reminds me there is more than work in this world.


  • Weather: f-ing cold! -8°F–sunny, but misty morning
  • Gratitude: this little space heater is awesome!
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: salad plate: salmon. celeriac, broccoli, pickled beets, carrots, and onions


  • Weather: cold, 33°F–cloudy, snow flurries in the morning
  • Gratitude: movies that get me every time.
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: chicken and rice soup


  • Weather: cold, 8°F–sunny
  • Gratitude: peace, quiet, and cooking
  • Preservation: grapefruit curd
  • Lunch: potato, onion gratin with eggs and sausage


  • Weather: cold, 18°F–blizzards
  • Gratitude: the bad days are temporary
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: tacos


  • Weather: cold, 13°F–cloudy, snowy flurries
  • Gratitude: my parents
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: duck confit and vegetables at JC’s


  • Weather: cold, 15°F–wind chill 8, cloudy, snowy, sunny
  • Gratitude: trying to practice listening
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: sourdough bread, eggs, leftovers


  • Weather: cold, 15°F, windchill 8. Sunny!
  • Gratitude: learning French. Closer to my dream.
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: sourdough bread, eggs, tacos


  • Weather: cold, 12°F, cloudy, snow showers, overcast, slight now showers
  • Gratitude: every snowflake equals a drop of water.
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: sourdough bread, eggs, sausage, chutney, kimchi, cauliflower salad


  • Weather: cold, 8°F, cloudy, snow showers
  • Gratitude: people who I learn from
  • Preservation: pickled cranberries/pear-apple-cranberry chutney/cranberry ketchup/cranberry syrup
  • Lunch: fasting. The past two days were not good. Trying to rest my stomach and intestines.


  • Weather: cold, 4°F, cloudy, snow showers
  • Gratitude: my dogs. They need me even when I feel like crap.
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: too much. 2 fried eggs on bread, pasta with cheese and chicken, bone broth with greens. TOO MUCH!


  • Weather: cold, 13°F, cloudy, snow showers
  • Gratitude: preparation keeps me from doing stupid spur-of-the-moment shit.
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: gluten free pepperoni pizza and wine. This was a bad idea. Something made me really sick.


  • Weather: cold, 13°F, cloudy, possible snow showers
  • Gratitude: moments of quiet
  • Preservation: woke up the starter, preparing to bake bread
  • Lunch: buckwheat soba noodles, mustard greens, peas, and bone broth.


  • Weather: moderately cold, 20°F, sunny, nippy in places
  • Gratitude: people’s ability to help
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: chicken soup with noodles


  • Weather: moderately cold, 20°F, sunny
  • Gratitude: trying to be kinder to myself
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: left overs



  • Weather: moderately cold, 20°F, sunny , partly cloudy, a beautiful blue hue in the sky
  • Gratitude: NPR Weekend Edition Sunday. Calm in a world gone mad.
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: green shakshuka with parsley sauce and raw celeriac and carrot salad


  • Weather: moderately cold, 20°F, sunny with wispy clouds in the sky (Note: yesterday Waverly, CO hit -19°F–the coldest place in Colorado.)
  • Gratitude: the skill to make good, nourishing food
  • Preservation: pickled lemon cauliflower
  • Lunch: green shakshuka with parsley sauce and raw celeriac and carrot salad


  • Weather: colder, 13° F, snowy
  • Gratitude: I have dogs for whom I care
  • Preservation: crystalized grapefruit peel/sweet and sour red onions
  • Lunch: leftovers


  • Weather: colder, 12° F, sunny-partly cloudy-snowy
  • Gratitude: ability to dream and plan
  • Preservation: none
  • Lunch: roasted Dijon chicken breast, hasselback potatoes, braised beet greens


  • Weather: moderately cold, 24° F, snowy-low visibility
  • Gratitude: sitting in the early morning quiet with my cup of coffee.
  • Preservation: pickled gingered beets
  • Lunch: leftovers


  • Weather: cold, 0° F, sunny
  • Gratitude: I live in a beautiful place
  • Preservation: crystalized grapefruit peel/fermented radishes
  • Lunch: grilled chicken, mango, habanero sausages with potato, celeriac, and carrot gratin

Published by Janet

Chef, teacher, artist, writer

20 thoughts on “Journal

    1. You are one of my best supporters, Dale, and always saying wonderful things. Thank you. Unsure if it’s innovative, simply a reflection of how my mind works. It does mean that no one will get a notice if I update. But that is a-ok.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey… I like what I like 😉
        It’s really cool and yes, subscription is difficult but knowing you, you’ll tweak and play with it (or not 😉 ) and find a way to make it work.
        It is normal that the last box “Tools” doesn’t link to anything yet?
        And where does the St.Gallen come from? Inquiring minds want to know… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am working on the tools section right now. Unsure what I will put there at this moment.

        St Gallen, Switzerland is the canton from where the Rorschach family comes. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I figured you were… just making sure 😉 I imagine you will start with the basics and move on from there.

        I figured it was a family thing. Ididn’t realize your family came from there!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. HA! It’s the little things. I went through a dozen names and finally settled on something that represented the family.

        What do you think about a market shop where people could buy things? Example: Rancho Gordo beans. Linen napkins.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yes. I love what you’ve done so far. Makes me want blow the dust off Delectables (first have to find out how to log in again…) and do something with it besides pay for the damn thing.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. I’m always curious what other people eat. There are just a few questions in my arsenal:
    Did you sleep well? How do you feel? What did you eat? What are you going to do now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Eliz. Mostly, it’s a record for me. While most journalists write about feelings and experiences, I merely wanted to start with something that allowed me to create a habit.

      Perhaps I will branch out.


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